What is Seo Techniques?

Since SEO (search engine optimization) is a subject that has been researched by many people, we wanted to write an article on this subject as a seogeneric.

The basis of search engine optimization, which we know as the work done for your website to rank at the top of Google crests, is the work done within the site. It is very important that the content you create is readable by visitors and contains information. All content on your website must be original. If possible , it is very important for SEO to add content that is not available on your competing sites to your website . Google gives you a number of ways to rank high in searches. These norms must be followed within the site.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Some examples of on -site SEO rules;

Your site title should not exceed 80 characters,

Keyword can be used in the site description, but the purpose is to give the visitor a reason to enter your site,

You should use keywords in the introduction of your content,

You should create keyword groups, not single keywords,

You should use relevant images in your content, you should enter keywords in the sub-descriptions of images,

It will be useful to add video to your content,

You must link between the content,

· You should use keywords not exceeding 5% in your content.

· The titles of the pages within the site should change according to the relevant content and contain keywords.

We recommend that you publish your content using classic fonts on a white background in order not to bore the user.

It is very important that you follow these rules within the site in order to rank higher in Google searches.

Off-site SEO works;

You can get profile links from sites such as facebook / twitter / instagram / linkedin / reddit,

You can create front blogs such as wordpress / blogger / thumblr and get links from promotional articles,

You can get links from the site promotion section from authoritative forums such as r10.net / hardwarehaber,

You can obtain a limited number of footer links by considering values ​​such as pr / trusttrank / alexa / dmoz / googlenews / yahoonews,

You can earn keyword-based links by broadcasting your news on news sites,

You can gain links by making regular posts on social media and using htags in posts .

You should do your external SEO work carefully. We recommend that you get consultancy on this subject.

As Seogeneric, we provide you with all of these services. We have many references on SEO . We have brand value among SEO Firms . You can get free consultancy by calling us.

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