Tips for Bloggers to set SEO Campaign

You have considered opening your blog, you have the theme and the name but you are missing the most important thing, SEO.Writing a blog can be easy if you have that necessary touch to express yourself and hook people, but positioning your content can be very difficult if you do not have basic and minimal notions about it.

“Content is king, you should never copy texts from another website”

All bloggers start by creating their own content, that content that SEO professionals love and always, we strive to put on the websites we work on. If you are a blogger, you must start from the idea that your content must be original and unique to succeed on the Internet. Original to succeed with your readers and unique to fall in love with Google . This mixture can make you be shared on social networks and your visibility increases noticeably quickly. SEO is slower , you have to cook it longer and its visibility on the first pages can take even months. The mixture of these two techniques is the key to success and they must be treated as such, with care and delicacy.

In SEO blog we bring you the positioning guide for bloggers that you will need if you want to succeed in Google with the 20 keys you must know to write an SEO article and an unmatched guide with which to create a private network of blogs to increase your visibility in the network and gain authority.

Set a goal, a topic to write. Soak up the Google searches related to it and observe your competition . Surely there will already be a website that has written on that topic, read your articles well, take ideas and improve them . If you are thinking of copying part of its text, go back to the start box and read the whole post again, if you haven’t thought about it, let’s continue learning.

Find friends on other blogs, maybe they will help you share content

SEO for  wordpress in blogs

Never, I repeat, NEVER MUST BE COPIED , that is the error that will make us fall to the lowest of Google and climb from there, it will be an almost impossible mission. Without copying, we can improve the competition. Observe the first positions, observe their titles and analyze them. Google already recognizes synonyms, perhaps that gives you a clue.

The content curation is another alternative widely used SEO but as always in the web positioning, we must take care. Obtain various sources of information and draw your conclusions in the form of a post, it will be easier for you to create content and you will already have part of SEO created naturally.

You should also think about making friends and for this you can choose to:

  1. Make product reviews: Contact the company, propose to create a video or article about any of their products if they give you materials to create it. Let’s say, for example, that you want to review an instrument. The easiest thing is that they do not give you that article in property but if you manage it well they can leave you that article long enough for you to make a video or text about it. If cooking is your thing, getting products will be easier for you to make and spread. Also, propose the creation of links to them, do not ask for an exchange. Your objective will be to create repercussions in other blogs and that they will send you links. flee from exchanges and if you do, never direct a return link to the page that links you.
  2. Talk about articles from other bloggers: Do you have a reference? If so, contact him and tell him you want to refer to one of his articles because he thinks it’s great. If everything goes well, you will win a friend and most likely will refer you and your article on social networks or even on their website. If it goes wrong, you will have an article created referring to that blog or website and the dissemination on social networks will be easier when talking about better-known brands than yours. Any option is good and all will give you repercussions before possible readers.
  3. Do surveys: We go from one friend to several, contact several companies or blogs and propose that they give you information, products or what you need to create an article talking about the virtues of all of them and giving your readers the choice of choosing which one they like more. Surely those interested put all the meat on the grill to look good in front of your readers and especially above the rest of the competitors. Of course, it is important that you put all the cards on the table so that none of them is disappointed with what is published. Remember that the mission is to make friends for future sponsorships, links and links on social networks as a retuit.

Seo for blogger, Images position

Use images well, although they may seem like a secondary weapon in Google and positioning, they are not. It is true that the traffic that is obtained by Google images is not the same as by the classic search engine but in SEO everything adds up, everything counts. Well-positioned images can make us increase traffic between 10% and 20% naturally and for this we have to have good images, which at the same time as striking, are optimal for Google.

For this we must take the following notes:

  1. Do not copy images , at least as is. If you like a photo from another website, cut it out, turn it around, make a montage, put text on it, do something. It cannot be the same image or have the same proportions. It is that when Google finds it, it cannot recognize it as another already indexed image. Google wants unique content and works similarly on images.
  2. Call the images by the name you want to position , there is no point in uploading an image with such common names as image001 or myphoto. That is over, call the image with its real name with dashes between words. In this case, the image would be called seo-para-bloggers.png
  3. Title label , it is not only important to put it but we will also put the same name as the image file. Without hyphens, no hyphens should be placed on the Title.
  4. Optimizing the weight of the image is essential , both for Google images and for the web in general. Google gives SEO great importance to the speed of the web, it has to be agile and also be optimized. With the TinyPNG or TinyJPG tool , we can optimize the images to the size that the search engine wants. It really is a tool that will bring freshness to the web / blog.

Link Building, not everything is receiving.

If you want to be a respected website, you have to match those that already are. Receiving incoming links to your website is expensive, it takes time to be relevant and that other websites want to link us, but sending links is easy, after all, we have control of our website. Today, linking to other websites gives us good SEO. Our friend Google likes to see that we link to other pages and gives us credibility by doing so, yes, the pages must be of quality and of our sector. Let’s avoid linking to websites of sectors that do not interest and if we do so, the text that accompanies that link is of quality and extensive. Links to Google, Bing, Facebook, Google plus, Twitter and Wikipedia always work .

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