How to Fix Your Slow Android Device and Make it More Faster?

Everybody would want their smartphones to work faster in every task you want to perform with it. However, due to that, many people who want to make quick money started using scam apps just to get money. However, the truth of the matter is, do not use software/apps that have been highlighted that they increase the speed of your device. They will be lying to you.

Remember that android is not like a window and it does not require a lot of maintenance through apps. However, if you really want to improve the speed of your android, then there are some things you must do.These are some of the basic things that anyone could do just to improve the speed of their android. This method does not require any education background to apply.

1. Optimize your home screen

When you load your home screen with widgets and live wallpaper, it will slow your android especially if your smartphone is one of the oldest ones. However, I would encourage you not to use the widgets at all and use simple wallpapers instead. Furthermore, through this method, you would have saved your batteries’ life.

2. Uninstall and delete apps you do not need

You do not need task killers. However, if you do need to improve your smartphones speed, then it is recommended that you take some time to uninstall misbehaving as well as apps that you are not using. Note: when an android is loading too many apps, it tends to be slow because it will take more time to load all the apps you have installed in it.

Take some time looking at all the apps that you have and delete the ones you are not using.

3. Look for the best browser that you will use

Many people stick with the in-built web browser that came with the android, like Gingerbread. Sometimes this type of web browser is slow because it is never updated. However, you could increase the speed by just installing one of the latest web browsers. A good example is the new Firefox app for android. This app runs on gingerbread which seems faster than the inbuilt browser.


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