How is SEO done?

The goal of every business website owner is to find customers for their products or services. Being accessible in search engines makes this situation very easy. GOOGLE comes to mind when it comes to search engine. Therefore, the algorithm that should be taken into consideration in SEO studies is GOOGLE algorithms. How is SEO done in line with our experience as a team we will try to mention.

The golden rule of SEO is unquestionably the right content. You must have a website that provides the necessary information about your business to visitors. Unique content production will set you apart from your competitors. The logic of GOOGLE algorithms is well developed. The improvements you will make on your website are very important. You should inform the visitor or ensure that your site reaches the desired result, not to rise in GOOGLE searches. User behaviors such as the number of pages visited by visitors to your site, the time spent on your site, and the return of the same visitor to your site are very determining parameters for SEO . Is it possible to get results by developing content only? I can hear you say. It is not enough to develop content alone.

Separation to SEO 2 On- site SEO and External SEO work;

How to do on-site SEO?

  • Title, keywords, descriptions, htag usage, editing alttag parameters,
  • You must produce unique content, content that is not available on your competing sites,
  • You should add visuals to your content,
  • You should add related video to your content,
  • You should pay attention to the keyword density of your content, You should use 1 keyword for every 50 suggested words,
  • Your titles should be keywords,
  • You should use side keywords by taking keyword substitution in the content,
  • You should get links from the home page to your content that you believe will bring visitors to your site,
  • The title, keywords, descriptions parts of all your pages should be related to that page and different from your other pages,
  • You must keep your site updated,
  • You should make periodic content entries,
  • Your site content should be shareable on social media,
  • Visitors should be able to comment on your site content,
  • You should choose the keyword parts in the content,

How to Do External SEO?

  • You should share all your content by using htag on social media,
  • You should get links to your website from related sites,
  • You should open an account on social media and add the links of your website as profile links,
  • By opening front blogs, you should give links to the relevant pages on your site from the original content,
  • You should publish news about you and link your site on news sites registered with Google news,
  • You should gain links naturally from channels with a Pr value, good trusttrank value and low alexa rank,
  • You should obtain keyword cover blog addresses.


  • Hacklink should not be taken,
  • Links that will be deleted in a short time should not be added.
  • Link overloads should not be done,
  • Copy content should not be produced,
  • Superficial content should not be produced,
  • Footer links should not be taken in large numbers,
  • Keywords should not be used heavily,

By following these rules, your website will be sure that you will continue its broadcasting life. It will take place on the 1st page.

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