Corporate Innovation: Time for Triple Speed?

In recent years we had a lot of futurists, consultants and thought leaders scaring corporates with the message that startups are coming to tear them apart and steal their customers…

Again other futurists, consultants and thought leaders, or the same ones, screamed with volume the need for corporates to operate like startups to stay in business and advised everyone to start using the Lean Startup approach.

As intelligent people already assessed, of whom a lot are current executive leaders in corporate organizations, scaring people will never bring a positive dynamic, nor will too simple solutions bring solace (such as the message: “we all need to behave like startups and wear hoodies now because our current core business is doomed”).

As in most cases, the correct message and solution is more nuanced.


Just when most companies are getting used to running in dual speed (great in executing, running the business and agile to innovate the business), we believe for most corporates triple speed will be crucial.

In the coming years companies need to organize their business, leadership, governance and talents based on Triple speed.

Firstly, they need to focus on the excellent execution of the current business model and improve processes, systems & Talents that support the execution of the business model (e.g. by using the Kaizen principles & approach from “the Toyota way”)

Secondly, they need to organize themselves to innovate on the current business model to stay ahead of the competition, to grow and acquire new customers, etc.

Thirdly, they need to organize themselves, to be the drivers of disruption themselves.

All this needs to be connected somehow in the Vision, Strategy and operating mode of the corporate (as nicely explained by Steve Blank in his recent blog).

It will also trigger questions on how to organize all this in an organizational structure. Alex Osterwalder recently posted some inspiring material on this question.

And it will raise questions on what mix of Talents to distribute along the Triple Speed parts and what culture(s) to nourish and grow. An interesting starting point here are the three main skills needed for every innovation process.

But a thorough explanation of these 3 crucial points is probably food for a future blog…

So, what are you waiting for…? If you don’t organize for Triple Speed, your competitors probably will.

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